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Yash Kotak Grade: 12
        I have heard that reshuffling of branch is possible in IIT after completing 1 year.

Could you please tell me the procedure and probability of getting a better branch in reshuffling?
7 years ago

Answers : (1)

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Hi Yash;

I think you have cleared JEE 2010 and waiting for a good course in IITs...........


Sliding takes place only in the first sem end and not throught the first year in most of the IITs.

Each IITs have its own procedure of sliding but the sliding condition of the IITs is more or less as it comes below..............:)

If you want to slide from one branch to another in the IITs you must be within the top 5 of your branch and should be in the first 10% of the people wanting to slide to the course in your college as the first 10% of the candidates from a branch only could slide and the branch you want to get a change should not get an increase of more than 10% of the candidates present already.More detailed information about sliding will be given in the counselling brochure provided by the IITs once you get a rank.

If you are very keen about sliding you must really work hard in the first sem as you must top the college packed with toppers from all over INDIA and everyone will be looking up for a slide in their course.

If you are not sure and if you are a first attempter then you may consider a dropout also as most of them who join IITs are dropouts.

With Regards;

Vasanth Kumar Balakrishnan...................:)

7 years ago
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