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i am scoring 181 in jee...will i get b.arch in iit.roorkee????

i am scoring 181 in jee...will i get b.arch in iit.roorkee????


2 Answers

Badiuddin askIITians.ismu Expert
147 Points
10 years ago

Dear sangam

Please click the link given below for the IIT cut off :

Please check your opening and closing rank:

 Last year cuttof was 4588 -7152. and the lowest marks was 185 .

so this year depending upon the difficulty of paper you have chance to get this cource.

Thanks and All the Best !!!

Shane Macguire
30 Points
10 years ago

Hi Sangam,

askIITians gives you full detail of IIT JEE 2009 counseling from which you can estimate your status and change in IITs after comparing to your score. 

Please go through the link here given below:


Thanks & Regards

Rajesh Kumawat

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