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You have a tube containing 10 2 bacteria. You have taken out 10 2 bacteria. How many bacteria are left in the tube ? (A) approximately 10 7 (B) approximately 10 6 (C) approximately 10 5 (D) approximately 10 9

You have a tube containing 102 bacteria. You have taken out 10bacteria. How many bacteria are left in
the tube ?
(A) approximately 107
(B) approximately 106
(C) approximately 105
(D) approximately 109

Grade:12th Pass

3 Answers

25763 Points
3 years ago
Dear Ashwin
10² = 100
That means question says that
There are 100 bacteria and you have taken out 100 bacteria then there will be 0 bacteria.
But this is not the option.
Hence either your question or options are incorrect.
Arun (AskIITians Forum Expert)
62 Points
3 years ago
but this is the question which came in KVPY exam.................................................................................
Ayushi Priya
15 Points
9 months ago
Greetings, this question is just a trick question and has nothing to do with math. All you need to know is that bacteria divides by binary fission and whenever that occurs the resultant will always have an even power. 
Here only one option gives 10^6 others are odd exponents hence, option B is the correct ans

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