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Write the similarities and differences between frogs and toads.

Write the similarities and differences between frogs and toads.


1 Answers

Adarsh Pal
askIITians Faculty 159 Points
8 months ago


Similarities between frogs and toads: -
-Frogs and toads are similar in appearance.
-Both frogs and toads are amphibians. It means that have two types of life: in the beginning, they are aquatic when are larva and they are semi-aquatic or terrestrial when they are adult 
-Frogs make a sound like a voice, toads do too.
-Frogs and toads eat insects
-Frogs have long hind legs that permit them to jump; similarly, toads have back legs which permit to hop.
- Frogs and toads have the same predator which are fish, turtles, snakes, bords and others.
-Frogs have long legs whereas Toads have short legs.
-Frogs have a smooth skin and Toads have a rough skin.
-Frogs have webbed feet whereas Toads do not have.
-In general, frogs have a lighter skin colour than toads.
-Frogs take higher jumps whereas toads take short hops

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