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Why we cannot call meiosis 2 as mitosis ? As chromosome numbers remains same !

Why we cannot call meiosis 2 as mitosis ?
As chromosome numbers remains same !


1 Answers

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3 years ago
Well, in my opinion, the entirety of the meiosis is a process (reproduction of sex cell) in which two levels of division occur, it`s all kind of one process. Though meiosis II may seem to have many similarities with mitosis, meiosis II can only occur with sex cells, to my understanding that is the main factor which differentiates meiosis I and II from mitosis. Furthermore, regardless of the similarities, to call meiosis II the same as `mitosis` (whilst meiosis II is still in the entirety of the meiosis process) is not only confusing but impractical. I`m sure, though, that somewhere along the line there are several detailed differences between the technicality behind the cellular division in mitosis as in meiosis II. But, don`t listen solely to my answer, that`s just my opinion since your question is subjective to my personal opinion...

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