Why is sexual reproduction favoured in unfavourable conditions?

Why is sexual reproduction favoured in unfavourable conditions?

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2 years ago
Organisms such as fungi and algae switch to sexual mode of reproduction during adverse conditions because sexual reproduction brings variation into the individuals, some of which might help the individuals to adapt to the changed conditions and survive. This ensures the continuity of species
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2 years ago
who said sexual reproduction is favored in unfavorable conditions???? if there is no food, or if the climate is too hot or too cold, when survival itself is diificult, will u try reproduction to extend ur life span??? big joke. 
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one year ago
dear friend
Sexual reproduction gives better offspring by producing heterogenous species which would be better to sustain, defend, develop and reproduce in unfavourable condition. ... Unfavourable conditions require better offspring, the warrior type, to fight and survive unfavourable conditions.
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