which of the following option are true regarding flavr savr it is toxic insecticidal protein it is slo ripening tomato it is transgenic tomato its a pesticide variety

which of the following option are true regarding flavr savr
  1. it is toxic insecticidal protein
  2. it is slo ripening tomato
  3. it is transgenic tomato
  4. its a pesticide variety


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askIITians Faculty 164 Points
8 years ago
Hello student
Correct answer is 3. it is transgenic tomato.
Trangenic tomato known as Flavr savr.also known as CGN-89564-2 pronounced as flavour saver.
It is a genetically modified tomato commercially grown and genetically engineered produced by california company calgene.
Raheema Javed
156 Points
8 years ago
Flavr savr is a slow ripening tomato (2).

Through genetic engineering, Calgene ( a California company) hoped to slow the ripening process of the tomato and thus prevent it from softening, while still allowing the tomato to retain its natural colour and flavour. The tomato was made more resistant to rotting by adding an antisense gene which interferes with the production of the enzyme polygalacturonase. The enzyme normally degrades pectin in the cell walls and results in the softening of fruit which makes them more susceptible to being damaged by fungal infections. Unmodified tomatoes are picked before fully ripened and are then artificially ripened using ethylene gas which acts as a plant hormone. Picking the fruit while unripe allows for easier handling and extended shelf-life. Flavr Savr tomatoes, on the other hand, could be allowed to ripen on the vine, without compromising their shelf-life. The intended effect of slowing down the softening of Flavr Savr tomatoes would allow the vine-ripe fruits to be harvested like green tomatoes without greater damage to the tomato itself.

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