which of the following is functional aspect of an ecosystem species composition inorganic nutrients hoeostasis topography

which of the following is functional aspect of an ecosystem
  1. species composition
  2. inorganic nutrients
  3. hoeostasis
  4. topography

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Apoorva Arora IIT Roorkee
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9 years ago
Ecosystem consist of both biotic and abiotic components and it sustains life in the environment system.It possess the following functional components.
1-Inorganic constituents like air, water and mineral salt.
2-Organisms like plants, animals and microbes.
3- Energy input which comes from the sun.

These components interact and form environmental system .The Inorganic constituents are synthesized into organic substances by the green plants and through photosynthesis solar energy is utilized. Green plants become source of energy for herbivores and the herbivores again become source of energy for flesh –eating animals called carnivores.

When plants and animals die their dead remains provide food for saprophytic microbes like bacteria, fungi and many other animals. They decompose like organic structure and liberate the inorganic components into environment.

Thus, in an ecosystem, energy from the sun is transferred to animals .Nutrients are withdrawn from the substrate, deposited in tissue of the plants and animals, cycle from one feeding group to another and released by decomposition to the soil,water,air and they recycled.
The Eco-system operated in different habitats such as deserts, forest, grasslands and seas etc are inter-dependant.

The Ecosystem operates in the following ways:-
1-Reception of radiant energy from sun
2-Manufacture of organic materials from inorganic ones by producers.
3-Consumption of producers by consumers and further elaboration of consumed materials.
4- Decomposition of producers by consumers and their conversion into such forms as are suitable for reutilization by producers.

Thus, an ecosystem influences the abiotic aspects of habitat .There is both energy and nutrients from producers to consumers and finally progressive decrease of energy but nutrients component does not diminish.

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