which of the following is called as ray fungi actinomycetes oomycetes streptomyces both (1) & (3)

which of the following is called as ray fungi
  1. actinomycetes
  2. oomycetes
  3. streptomyces
  4. both (1) & (3)

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Apoorva Arora IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 181 Points
8 years ago
The correct option is 4.
Actinomyces (from Greek "actis" ray, beam and "mykes" mucus, fungus) is a genus of the actinobacteria class of bacteria. They are all Gram-positive. Actinomyces are facultatively anaerobic (except A. meyeri, a strict anaerobe). All species grow best under anaerobic conditions. Actinomyces species do not form endospores, and, while individual bacteria are rod-shaped, Actinomyces colonies form fungus-like branched networks of hyphae. The aspect of these colonies initially led to the incorrect assumption that the organism was a fungus and to the name "Actinomyces" or ray fungus.

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