which of d following is major group in monera eubacteria cyanobacteria archaebacteria all of these

which of d following is major group in monera
  1. eubacteria
  2. cyanobacteria
  3. archaebacteria
  4. all of these

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2 Answers

Apoorva Arora IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 181 Points
8 years ago
The correct option is 1.
Eubacterium could be either a Gram-positive or Gram-negative bacteria genus in the family Eubacteriaceae. These bacteria are characterised by a rigid cell wall. They may either be motile or non-motile. If motile, they have a flagellum. A typical flagellum consists of a basal body, filament, and hook. The long filament is the organ which helps eubacteria move.
Arya Anil K
14 Points
one year ago
Eubacteria, also known as the true bacteria, have a bad reputation. They are seen as disease causing agents. Every day new products come out adverstising their ability to destroy these microscopic but dangerous creatures. In reality, only a small percentage of these unicellular organisms cause disease. The rest fullfill many important roles in the natural world. Eubacteria can be photoautotrophs, saprophytes, or symbionts.

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