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Where does Calvin cycle take place in chloroplast ? Explain the cycle.

Where does Calvin cycle take place in chloroplast ? Explain the cycle.

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
9 months ago
Dear student 
the reactions of the Calvin cycle take place in the stroma (the inner space of chloroplasts).
Hope this will help 
Feel free to ask querry 
Good Luck
Vikas Amritiya
askIITians Faculty 158 Points
9 months ago

It takes place in the stroma of chloroplast in photosynthetic organisms.

Calvin Cycle is a series of reaction, also known as the dark reactions, or light-independent reactions because they are not directly driven by light, 
 The Calvin cycle of photosynthesis can be divided into three main stages: carbon fixation, reduction, and regeneration of the starting molecule.
1. Carbon fixation.
 A CO₂ molecule combines with a five-carbon acceptor molecule, ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate (RuBP). This results in a six-carbon compound that splits into two molecules of a three-carbon compound, 3-phosphoglyceric acid (3-PGA). This reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme RuBP carboxylase/oxygenase, or rubisco.
In the second stage, ATP and NADPH are required to convert the 3-PGA molecules in the first stage into molecules of a three-carbon sugar, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate (G3P). 
Moreover, this stage is called 'reduction' stage because NADPH donates electrons to, or reduces, a three-carbon intermediate to make G3P. 
3. Regeneration.
Some G3P molecules go to make glucose, while others get recycled to regenerate the RuBP acceptor. Regeneration requires ATP and involves a complex network of reactions.

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