What to read biological classification Kindly explain it because I am unable to Under stand it I am from class 11 Studying for neet

What to read biological classification 
Kindly explain it because I am unable to 
Under stand it 
I am from class 11 
Studying for neet


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4 years ago
hello nikhil agarwal
In biological classification if you see the past 20-30 years of question papers the questions has came only from NCERT please read each line to line NCERT textbook and make yourself the pneumonics to study that and after studying that please write it what you have gone through and refer only that what you have written for the next revision and it will help you a lot
And chapters like biological classification,plant kingdom,animal kingdom want atleast 5 – 6 times revision and then only you can the correct answer in the exam otherwise it will be highly confusing

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