What is the difference between flora and manual ? Explain with examples .

What   is  the   difference  between  flora  and  manual    ? Explain with examples  .


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Flora describes plants and where they live. Floras typically include a dichotomous key for identification purposes and often times will include range maps as well. Floras are almost always designed to be simultaneously regionally constrained and regionally exhaustive/complete (i.e., includes all plants that grow in that region or at least all taxonomic divisions of specified taxa)

manual applies much more broadly to plants, and typically instructs you on a subject (e.g., identification/differentiation of species). A manual does not need to be exhaustive and its scope is typically user defined (though often based on the scale/range of it's underlying subject). However, some have used the term manual to be more or less synonymous with Flora or otherwise similar document

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Flora  is aa book containing Complete information about plants found in a particular area. It gives the actual account of habitat and distribution of various plants of the given area. For e.g Flora of Delhi by J.K. Maheshwari
Manual is a book containing complete listing and description (not accounts for habitat and distribution,etc) of plants growing in particular area. Its useful in identification of names of various species found in that area. For e.g Exotic plant manual by Alfred Byrd Graf
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