What is the difference between conidia and zoospores?

What is the difference between conidia and zoospores?


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7 years ago
conidia are immotile, so they not have ability to move, while zoospores are motile and they have ability to move.
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6 years ago
Zoospores are special kind of motile and flagellated spores produced inside zoosporangia. Eg: Fungi and Algae.
Conidia are non-motile thin walled spores produced on conidiophore exogenously. Eg: Penicillium.
Nishant Prajapati
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5 years ago
  1. zoospores are usually motile as thay are flagellated while coindia are usually non-motile as thay are non flagellated.
  2. zoospores are produced in special structures called zoosporongia while coinidia bear on coinidiophore in the form of chain.
  3. zoospores are common asexual spores in algae while coinidia are asexual spores in fungi.

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