What is is it related with apomixis

What is is it related with apomixis


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Dr.Adam Shaik
askIITians Faculty 387 Points
7 years ago
During apomixis with out gametic fusion,
some ovule cells divides uncontrolled forming several embryos due to higher cell divisions.
Due to large number of celldivisions the uncountable no. of embroys represent poly embryony.519-1490_figure-4-1-apomixis.jpg
dheeraj reddy
21 Points
6 years ago
The presence of more than one embryo in a seed is termed as Polyembryony.Mango is an example for it.
      Production of seeds without ferlisation is termed as Apomixis.Apomixis is a form of asexual reproduction but it mimics sexual reproduction.
Aashu Mittal
85 Points
6 years ago
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