what is meant by transpiration pull?

what is meant by transpiration pull?


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Nirmal Singh.
askIITians Faculty 44 Points
9 years ago
transpiration pull is –as a result of loss of water from mesophyll cell the diffusion pressure deficit increases .due to which these cell absorbs water from adjoining cell ultimately the water is absorbed from xylem elements of vascular bundle of leaf.since the xylem elements are filled with continous water column a tension or pull develop at the top of column.this is known as trans piration pull.
Saloni Rakholiya
104 Points
9 years ago
Water is continually being lost from leaves by transpiration. This loss of water in the leaves exerts a pull on the water in the xylem ducts and draws the water from the land by the roots. thus this suction pull caused due to loss of water through transpiration is termed as transpiration pull.....

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