What is alpha taxonomy explain in detail and write a brief note on it

What is alpha taxonomy explain in detail and write a brief note on it 

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Alpha taxonomy is the discipline of detecting, describing, and classifying new species, as well as revising the classification of previously described species. It is among the most tedious of all biological endeavors, involving intensive collecting and detailed observation, measurement, description, and illustration, and also sometimes gathering information at the cellular (e.g., chromosome numbers) or molecular (e.g., DNA sequences) levels. Functioning at the professional level in alpha taxonomy requires extensive training, because it is an information-intensive field: it requires detailed knowledge of centuries of previous literature, of the existing classification, and of the morphology and evolution of a particular group. 

Nowadays there is little incentive for young scientists to gain training in alpha taxonomy because, although this discipline is fundamental to all other branches of biology, including biodiversity research, funding agencies view it as old fashioned. It is thus often difficult for researchers doing primarily alpha taxonomy to obtain research grants and academic positions.

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