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What is a perisperm? Please give few examples of perispermic seeds..

What is a perisperm? Please give few examples of perispermic seeds..

Grade:12th pass

5 Answers

32 Points
5 years ago
It is nothing but residual nucellus which persists in some seeds.Examples are seeds of coffee,black pepper.
Umakant biswal
5359 Points
5 years ago
A layer of nutritive tissue in the seed of certain flowering plants that is derived from the nucellus and surrounds the embryo..
example – coffee, black peeper .cotton caster , 

733 Points
5 years ago
In seeds of some plants remants of nucelus is persistent. This residual, persisitent nucellus is called perisperm.
eg; beet, black pepper, coffee, etc.
Hope you understand my solution.
Shivam jha
105 Points
4 years ago
Ruminent of nucellus which pesist after fertilization of egg cell some time so called perispermic seed
Kushagra Madhukar
askIITians Faculty 629 Points
one year ago
Dear student,
Please find the attached solution to your question below.
In seeds of some plants remnants of a nucleus is persistent. This residual, persistent nucellus is called perisperm.
Example – Coffe, Black pepper, etc.
Hope it helps.
Thanks and regards,

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