what do you mean by biological classification

what do you mean by biological classification


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7 years ago
Biological classification is also known astaxonomy.Taxonomy is the field of biology dealing with identifying, naming, and classifying species. Every species has a unique two-part name situating it within a genus, and is further assigned to a series of higher-order taxonomic rankings. The basic taxonomic hierarchy or classification is generally agreed to consist ofDomain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, andSpecies.
Taxonomy reflects the evolutionary relatedness of organisms and groups of organisms. The higher the taxonomic level, the more distantly related the organisms are within it, that is, the longer ago they shared a common ancestor. (Sometimes scientists find it meaningful to subdivide these levels further, into levels such as subphylum or subclass; these definitions are somewhat arbitrary and vary from field to field.) Groups are defined by possessing certain characters, or traits. Traditionally these have been observable or morphological characteristics, but with the invention of DNA sequencing, genes and molecular markers have also been able to be used as characters.

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