What are the Difference between apomixis and parthenocarpy

What are the Difference between apomixis and parthenocarpy


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Dr.Adam Shaik
askIITians Faculty 387 Points
5 years ago
Parthenocarpy involves the spraying of chemical to induce post fertilization like changes.
Apomixis is an natural phenomenon thhat occurs only in specific families of plants.
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5 years ago
Sir so that u mean parthenocarpy is always induced .then wat one can say about banana.that occurs naturally right?
Dr.Adam Shaik
askIITians Faculty 387 Points
5 years ago
Parthenocarpy is an Artificial and man made process and apomixis is an natural alternate behaviour.
Dinesh Binna
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5 years ago
Parthenocarpy is the process of formation of fruits without fertilisation
and Apomixis is the process of formation of sed without fertilisation
also seeds formed by this process are called Apomictic seeds
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Mayajyothi C J
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5 years ago
In a few species, fruits develop without fertilisation. This process of formation of fruit without fertilisation is called parthenocarpy.Banana is one such example.The fruit developed by such method is generally seedless. So they are not called true fruit but parthenocarpic fruit. Parthenocarpy generally occurs for unpollinated flowers.
An apomixis is a form of asexual reproduction that mimics sexual reproduction including seed formation but does not involve fusion of gametes. Progeny formed by apomixis is genetically similar to the parent. 
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5 years ago
Parthenocarpy is the process by which a fruit develops without fertilisation. As a result the fruit is seedless. Apomixis is the process by which seeds develop without fertilisation. this takes placewhen the megaspore mother cell does not undergo meiosis or a cell from the nucellus develops into the embryo.
Shivam jha
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5 years ago
Apomixis: it is a type of asexual reproduction which mimic sexual reproduction .found in poecae (grass)family.diploid embryo may develop without fertilization like from integument And nucellus.Partenocarpy :fruit formed without fertilization may be natural or artificial by using phytohormones auxin,cytokinin.If you want to know more then approve.
Chavda chetankumar
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4 years ago
Apomixis: formation of seed without fertilizatin known as apomixisE.g : asteraceae and grassesParthenocarpy : developement of fruit withot fertilizationknown as parthenocarpyFor e.g. : Banana

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