Segregation of gametes occur in which stage of cell division?

Segregation of gametes occur in which stage of cell division?

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dolly bhatia
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Following recombination, chromosome segregation occurs as indicated by the stages metaphase I and anaphase I during meiosis.
Different pairs of chromosomes segregate independently of each other, a process termed “independent assortment of non-homologous chromosomes”. This process results in each gamete usually containing a mixture of chromosomes from both original parents.

Improper chromosome segregation can result in aneuploid gametes having either too few or too many chromosomes.

The second stage at which segregation occurs during meiosis is prophase II. During this stage, segregation occurs by a process similar to that during mitosis, except that in this case prophase II is not preceded by a round of DNA replication. Thus the two chromatids comprising each chromosome separate into different nuclei, so that each nucleus gets a single set of chromatids (now called chromosomes) and each nucleus becomes included in a haploid gametes. This segregation process is also facilitated by cohesin. Failure of proper segregation during prophase II can also lead to aneuploid gametes. Aneuploid gametes can undergo fertilization to form aneuploid zygotes and hence to serious adverse consequences for progeny.

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