SCP has to be processed to remove excess of Proteins Nucleic acids Minerals Carbohydrates

SCP has to be processed to remove excess of
  1. Proteins
  2. Nucleic acids
  3. Minerals 
  4. Carbohydrates

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Apoorva Arora IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 181 Points
9 years ago
The correct option is 2.
Nucleic acids are polymeric macromolecules, or large biological molecules, essential for all known forms of life. Nucleic acids, which include DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid), are made from monomers known as nucleotides. Each nucleotide has three components: a 5-carbon sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base. If the sugar is deoxyribose, the polymer is DNA. If the sugar is ribose, the polymer is RNA.

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