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Grade: 12th pass
Q : 
Movement of auxin is largely
1. Centripetal
2. Basipetal
3. none of these
4. Both B and C
how it is??
one year ago

Answers : (2)

Agrata Singh
208 Points


Auxin is a growth promoting phytohormone. It moves mainly from the apical to the basal end (basipetally). This type of unidirectional transport is termed polar transport.

Auxin is the only plant growth hormone known to be transported polarly. Recently it has been recognized that a significant amount of auxin transport also occur acropetally (from basal end to the apical end) in the root.

one year ago
13 Points
The correct answer is (d) i.e both  (b) and ©
F.went (1928) reported that auxin is transported  basipetaly i.e it moves apical  to basal end.
However, McCready and Jocobs (1963) working on petiole segment of phaseolus vulgaris observed the acropetal movement of auxin but such type of movement occurs very little and directly dependent on presence of oxygen.
Thus, recent studies have indicated that the polar movement of auxin is  an active transport.
8 months ago
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