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Q. How does natural selection operates according to Darwin’s theory of evolution?

Q. How does natural selection operates according to Darwin’s theory of evolution?


2 Answers

askIITians Faculty 164 Points
6 years ago
Hello Student,
Please find answer to your question below:

Natural selection operates according to Darwin’s theory of evolution on the basis of following points.
i) Organisms reproduce in large number to keep their identity and continue their generation.
ii) Size of mother earth is constant and space is limited.
iii) :Based on the survival of fittest and not the arrival of the fittest creates struggle for existance takes place.
iv) Useful variations are prepetuated in coming generations,
shubham sharda
361 Points
6 years ago
  • The basic idea behind biological evolution is that all new species derive and diverge from shared ancestors.
  • Darwin defined biological evolution as: “descent with modification”. This means that over time and succeeding generations, those traits that provide reproductive advantage become more common within a population.
  • Evolution by natural selection acts when heritable variation leads to differential reproductive success (fitness).
  • The main feature or property of evolving systems is their ability to reproduce. Evolution is meaningless without reproduction.

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