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Please provide a detailed solution for this question.Aiims 4 Q112

Please provide a detailed solution for this question.Aiims 4 Q112

Question Image
Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Dr.Adam Shaik
askIITians Faculty 387 Points
4 years ago
Hai Anmol Seth,
B is wrong
In the question they are asking for wrong statement
A) A and B are in competetion (correct statement)
Explanation: Their population become equivalent at a point and lead to competetion.
After that common point B species population increased and A decreased.
B) B and C are not commensals (wrong statement)
Explanation: Commensalism, in ecology, is a type of relationships between two organisms where one organism benefits from the other without affecting it. Affect is oberved here
They are also not in Competetion because the popultion of B increased and C remained constant
C) A and C Amensalism (wrong statement)
Ammensalism-Amensalism is an relationship between organisms of different species in which one organism is inhibited or destroyed (not destroyed)

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