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Please explain the following terms breifly : – (a) Diplospory (b) Adventive embroyony (c ) Apospory

Please explain the following terms breifly : –
 (a) Diplospory
 (b) Adventive embroyony
 (c ) Apospory 


2 Answers

Aabid Hussain
askIITians Faculty 571 Points
4 years ago
Hi Jeeva,

Diplospory:A form of *apomixisin which the embryo forms directly from the megaspore mother cell. It is found, for example, in mountain everlastings (Antennaria).

Adventive embroyony:(adventitious embryogenesis) The formation of an embryo in some position other than within an embryo sac. It is a form of *apomixis. Adventive embryos may develop from somatic cells of the nucellus or chalaza (*apospory) and may occur together with a normal zygotic embryo. One seed can contain several embryos, as is often the case in Citrus seeds.

Apospory: The development of the gametophyte from the sporophyte without meiosis and spore production, so that the gametophyte has the same number of chromosomes as the sporophyte.
Aashu Mittal
85 Points
3 years ago
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