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Please answer the attached question. Please.... .. ..... ..... .

Please answer the attached question. Please.... .. ..... ..... .

Question Image
Grade:12th Pass

1 Answers

Simran Vinaik
askIITians Faculty 1231 Points
3 years ago
The photorespiratory C2 cycle is also known as PCO cycle( Photosynthetic carbon oxidation). C2 cycle involves enzyme located in Mitochondria, chloroplast and peroxisome. Aminotransferase/ Transaminase is in Peroxisome which converts Glyoxylate to glycine.554-806_download.png
Photorespiration or C2 cycle. The pathway involves three organelles: chloroplast, peroxisomes and mitochondria. The 2-phosphoglycolate formed due to oxygenase activity of Rubisco is metabolized in these organelles. There is lost of already fix CO2 and therefore the process is not beneficial for plants. The C2 cycle involves following enzymes- 1: Rubisco; 2: phosphoglycolate phosphatase; 3: glycolate oxidase; 4: serine:glyoxylate aminotransferase; 5: glycine decarboxylase, serine hydroxymethyl transferase; 6: serine:glyoxylate aminotransferase; 7: hydroxypyruvate reductase; 8: glycerate kinase

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