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nucleus is absent in..............and why? (a)sieve tube (b) companion cell (c ) collenchyma (d)mesophyll

nucleus is absent in..............and why?
(a)sieve tube
(b) companion cell
(c ) collenchyma


3 Answers

Mufeed fannan
18 Points
3 years ago
Sieve tube,nuclei is fragmented and disappeared.these are cells which lost their nucleus ribosomes at maturity
Simran Vinaik
askIITians Faculty 1231 Points
3 years ago
Sieve tube loses its nucleus at maturity becauseits mainfunction is to transport sugars and other important molecules necessary for plants. It would thus require a lot of space to manage the transport. It is still alive due to companion cell. They are formed from the same mother cells as sieve tubes and these supply the sieve tubes with ATP and other energy rich molecules require for survival.
Sitanshu kumar Singh
53 Points
3 years ago
Your answer will be sieve tube but nucleus is present in sieve tube but it degenerates at maturity as it requires enough space for transport of sugars and other substances.Its all functions is controlled by companion cells and hence it`s name

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