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Ln1 Why only mitochondria is referred as power house of cell whearas chlorophyll also form atp?

Ln1 Why only mitochondria is referred as power house of cell whearas chlorophyll also form atp?

Grade:12th pass

6 Answers

Aabid Hussain
askIITians Faculty 571 Points
3 years ago
Hi Raj,

Thank you for asking

The amount of ATP produced during the light phase of photosynthesis are just sufficient to carry out dark phase of photosynthesis. They are just self sufficient and their main aim in not ATP production but CO2 fixation to produce carbohydrate.

Hope I answered your question.
168 Points
3 years ago
Chloroplast uses it`s atp in it`s own use whearas mitochondria provide it for use of cell so we consider mitochondria as power house of cell.
Aashu Mittal
85 Points
3 years ago
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Radha Shukla
178 Points
3 years ago
Atp produced by chloroplast cannot be used by any other organelle whereas atp produced by mitochondria is used by all organelles
Subhojit Saha
19 Points
3 years ago
Chloroplast does produces ATP but it is only present i
Subhojit Saha
19 Points
3 years ago
the amount of atp produced by chloroplast is meant to carry the photosynthetic reactions and is less in quantity as compared to what is produced by mitochondria.chloroplast is present only in plant cells and mitichondria is present in both plant cells and animal cells, therefore to generalize the fact we say that mitichondria is the power house of the cell.

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