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In which of the followin germination will be maximum ? R = Red light ( 680 nm ) Fr = Far light ( 730nm ) Seeds + R +Fr + R +Fr Seeds + R + Fr Seeds + R + Fr + R Seeds + R

In which of the followin germination will be maximum ?
             R = Red light ( 680 nm )
             Fr = Far light ( 730nm )
  1. Seeds + R +Fr + R +Fr
  2. Seeds + R + Fr
  3. Seeds + R + Fr + R
  4. Seeds + R

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Simran Vinaik
askIITians Faculty 1231 Points
3 years ago
In 1932, a research group headed by Borthwick and Hendricks showed that red light (630 to 680 nm) elicits the germination of lettuce seeds, whereas far-red light (710 to 740 nm) inhibits the process.
It was further observed that when lettuce seeds were exposed to alternating red and far-red light, almost all seeds that received red light as the final treatment germinated, whereas the seeds receiving far-red light as the final treatment did not germinate.


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