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Grade: 12


In a cell, what are lipid rafts anfd lipid rafts are rich in which type of material?

4 years ago

Answers : (2)

Dr.Adam Shaik
askIITians Faculty
387 Points
Samarth mishra,
Raft-means layered arrangement.
Lipid raft in a cell represents the combination of lipid bi layer and proteins in cell membrane.
Lipids are a type of Bio-Molecules.
Where as Lipid represents oils and fats which we consume everyday as cooking oils.
Oils=Liquid lipids (Ground nut,Coconut oil)
Fats=Solid lipids (Butter,Ghee,Yogurtetc.,)
The Number 2 in the given image includes Lipid Rafts (Lipids+ Proteins)
4 years ago
733 Points
Lipids are not homogenously distributed in membranes, but that some are organized into microdomains in the bilayer, called ‘detergent-resistant membranes’ or ‘lipid rafts’
The lipids rafts are rich in sphingomyelin and cholesterol.
The ability of select subsets of proteins to partition into different lipid microdomains has a good effects on their function, e.g. in T-cell receptor and neurotrophin signalling. The highly organized environment of the domains gives a signalling, trafficking and membrane fusion environment. 
Hope you understand my answer.
4 years ago
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