I have a dout in Kingdom fungi. Please explain it and make some easyfor me

I have a dout in Kingdom fungi. Please explain it and make some easyfor me


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The organisms in kingdom fungi include mushrooms, yeasts, molds, rusts, smuts, puffballs, truffles, morels, and molds. More than 70,000 species of fungi have been identified. The fungi constitute and independent group to that  of plants and animals. They live everywhere in air, in water, on land, in soil, and on or in plants and animals. Some fungi are microscopic and other extend for more than a thousand acres. Mycology is a discipline of biology which deals with the study of fungi. Fungi appear like plants but are closely related to animals. Fungi are not capable of producing their own food,so they get their nourishment from other sources. Fungi are in a wide variety of sizes and forms and have great economic importance.
General characteristics of fungi are as follows:
  • Fungi are eukaryotic organisms.
  • They are non-vascular organisms. 
  • They reproduce by means of spores. 
  • Depending on the species and conditions both sexual and asexual spores may be produced. 
  • They are typically non-motile.
  • Fungi exhibit the phenomenon of alteration of generation.
  • The vegetative body of the fungi may be unicellular or composed of microscopic threads called hyphae.
  •  The structure of cell wall is similar to plants but chemically the fungi cell wall are composed of chitin.
  • Fungi are heterotrophic organisms.
  • They fungi digest the food first and then ingest the food, to accomplish this the fungi produce exoenzymes. 
  • Fungi store their food as starch.
  • Biosynthesis of chitin occurs in fungi.
  • The nuclei of the fungi is very small.
  • During mitosis the nuclear envelope is not dissolved.
  • Nutrition in fungi - they are saprophytes, or parasites or symbionts.
    • Reproduction in fungi is both by sexual and asexual means. Sexual state is referred to as teleomorph, asexual state is referred to as anamorph.

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