How the diversity of the living world is identified?

How the diversity of the living world is identified?


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Several type of living beings are found in various sorts of living spaces like seaFreshwater Bodies,BackwoodsCool MountainsDesertsWarm Water Springs and so on. This makes us think what is life? The answer requires separating the living and the non-living.


What is ‘Living’?

It is extremely hard to characterize "living" and traditionally different qualities common to every single living being are to be recognized. Some of them are recorded beneath:

(a) Cellular Association: Living things are composed of single cell (Unicellular Organisms) or many cells (Multicellular Organisms) which associate with each other to perform vital functions of the body.

(b) Response to Stimuli: All living things can respond and adapt themselves to any change in the environment.

(c) Reproduction: Living things reproduce either sexually or asexually to produce offsprings of their own kind.

(d) Growth: All living things grow, develop and eventually die.

(e) Metabolism: Living things need energy to carry out their vital life processes.

It is evaluated that more than 5 millions species are available on earth. Of these around 1.7 million species are known and portrayed. Consistently a few new animal groups are portrayed and added to the rundown. 

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