how many types of aquaporins are recorded? (a)9+0 (b)4 (c)8 (d)9+2

how many types of aquaporins are recorded? (a)9+0 (b)4 (c)8 (d)9+2


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Dr.Adam Shaik
askIITians Faculty 387 Points
7 years ago

Hai vansh goyal, The answer for this question is printed in our NCERT textbook in chapter -11 transport in plants, in the section 11.1.2 last para. Kindly check the para. With refernce to the paragraph the aquaporins are of 8 types.
iam here with sending you the screen shot of the same.
You can check the text online in epathsala ncert website............
Aquaporins are the water transorting proteins (channels) present on the cell membrane.
Answered alreay check it

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