Find incorrect matching Samara -Winged pericarp Schizocarp-Mericarp Balausta-Aril Syconus-Hypanthodium

Find incorrect matching
  1. Samara -Winged pericarp
  2. Schizocarp-Mericarp
  3. Balausta-Aril
  4. Syconus-Hypanthodium

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Sumreet Johar State University of New York,Stony Brook, USA
askIITians Faculty 30 Points
9 years ago
Balausta-Aril is the incorrect matching.

An aril also called an arillus, is any specialized outgrowth from the funiculus (attachment point of the seed) (or hilum) that covers or is attached to the seed.The aril may create a fruit-like structure (called a false-fruit). False fruit are found in numerous Angiosperm taxa. The edible flesh of the longan, lychee, ackee and lleuque fruits are highly developed arils surrounding the seed rather than a pericarp layer.

Balausta Pomegranate) fruit develops from multilocular, syncarpous, inferior ovary. Testa is fleshy and forms edible part of the fruit balausta (succulent fruit).

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