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does protein synthesis occur in mitochonria and cytoplasm????? or in nucleolus?

5 years ago

Answers : (2)

askIITians Faculty
747 Points
							he Nucleus

--nuclear envelopecontainsnuclear poresfor some things to enter and exit (nucleoplasmwithin)
--chromatinis DNA and proteins, when the cell begins to divide, chromatin condenses and formschromosomes
--DNA remains in the nucleus, it sends instructions to the cytoplasm viamessenger RNA
--RNA directs the synthesis of proteins onribosomesin the cytoplasm
--Nucleolusassembles ribosomes within the nucleus, ribosomes contain the "tools" to construct proteins

Mitochondria - The Cell's Chemical Furnaces

--contains its own DNA, support for Endosymbiosis Theory
--singular is "mitochondrion"
--2 membranes, one smooth outer membrane, and an inner membrane folded into layers calledcristae
--Cristae has two compartments: thematrixand the intermembrane space
--mitochondria divide before cell division, they are not synthesized like other cell parts
--function to store energy for cell use. Energy is stored in the form ofATP- adenosine triphosphate
5 years ago
shubham sharda
361 Points
It occurs in ribosomes.
5 years ago
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