discovery of recombination DNA technology was made by sutton and boveri cohon and boyer shigetane ishiwatari AM chakarabarty

discovery of recombination DNA technology was made by
  1. sutton and boveri
  2. cohon and boyer
  3. shigetane ishiwatari
  4. AM chakarabarty


2 Answers

Shilpi Mittal
askIITians Faculty 24 Points
8 years ago
Recombinant DNA technology was discovered by 2) Herbert Boyer and Stanley Norman Cohen in1973 which allowed scientists to manipulate DNA. They removed the plasmid from cell and cut it usin restriction enzymes, added other slice DNA and transformed it into E. coli which was able to synthesize new DNA.
Raheema Javed
156 Points
8 years ago
The correct answer is (2) cohon and boyer

The invention of recombinant DNA technology—the way in which genetic material from one organism is artificially introduced into the genome of another organism and then replicated and expressed by that other organism—was largely the work of Paul Berg (b. 1926), Herbert W. Boyer (b. 1936), and Stanley N. Cohen (b. 1935), although many other scientists made important contributions to the new technology as well.

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