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Grade: 11
Differentiates primary meristem and secondary meristem with example
11 months ago

Answers : (1)

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Difference # Primary Meristems:

1. It is present from the beginning. 

2. It develops from another meristem. 

3. The cells are usually isodiametric (exception intra-fascicular cambium). 

4. Central vacuoles are absent (exception intra-fascicular cambium). 

5. It usually gives rise to primary tissues (exception intra-fascicular cambium) that constitute primary growth. 

6. It usually produces growth in length (exception intra-fascicular cambium). 

Difference # Secondary Meristems:

1. Secondary meristem is formed later in the life. 

2. Secondary meristem develops from the permanent cells due to dedifferentiation. 

3. The cells are commonly elongated. 

4. The cells possess central vacuoles. 

5. Secondary meristem gives rise to secondary or supplementary tissues that constitute secondary growth. Secondary tissues either supplement or replace the primary tissues. 

6. Secondary meristem produces growth in thickness.

11 months ago
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