Define amphimixis and what is the importance of it...........

Define amphimixis and what is the importance of it...........


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union or the fusion between the male and the female gametes in sexual reproduction. Amphimixis should not be confused with automixis or apomixis, which are both associated with asexual reproduction.


 The fertilization ensures the usual specific diploidy of the organisms by the fusion of the male and female pronuclei.

(2) It introduces genetic variations in the species.

(3) It activates the egg to start cleavage.

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Amphimixis should not be confused with automixis or apomixis, which are both associated with asexual reproduction. Automixis is a type of parthenogenesis characterized by gamete formation through meiosis and self-fertilization. The gametes undergo meiosis and therefore are haploid. Apomixis is one in which the mature egg cells produced through mitosis develop directly into embryos.

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Amphimixis — is the most common method of sexual reproduction, when the egg of one individual is fertilized by sperm (spermatozoon) of another individual. This method of sexual reproduction is inherent in all dioecious organisms, as well as the majority of animals-hermaphrodites  In plants amphimixis concept can be considered identical to the concept of cross-pollination. This method of fertilization shows the main advantage of sexual reproduction: each individual becomes a genetically unique, as it contains a specific combination of genes.
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1. amphimixis - reproduction involving the union or fusion of a male and a female gamete. sexual reproduction. amphimixis - union of sperm and egg in sexual reproduction. anisogamy - (biology) reproduction by the union or fusion of two differing gametes (especially differing in size)

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