‘Bomato’ is an example of Parasexual hybrid interspecific hybrid Sexual hybrid Intrageneric hybrid

‘Bomato’ is an example of
  1. Parasexual hybrid
  2. interspecific hybrid
  3. Sexual hybrid
  4. Intrageneric hybrid

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Apoorva Arora IIT Roorkee
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9 years ago
the correct option is 1.
The parasexual cycle (or parasexuality), a process peculiar to fungi and single-celled organisms, is a nonsexual mechanism for transferring genetic material without meiosis or the development of sexual structures. It was first described by Italian geneticist Guido Pontecorvo in 1956 during studies on Aspergillus nidulans (also called Emericella nidulans when referring to its sexual form, or teleomorph). A parasexual cycle is initiated by the fusion of hyphae (anastomosis) during which nuclei and other cytoplasmic components occupy the same cell (heterokaryosis and plasmogamy). Fusion of the unlike nuclei in the cell of the heterokaryon results in formation of a diploid nucleus (karyogamy), which is believed to be unstable and can produce segregants by recombination involving mitotic crossing-over and haploidization. Mitotic crossing-over can lead to the exchange of genes on chromosomes; while haploidization probably involves mitotic nondisjunctions which randomly reassort the chromosomes and result in the production of aneuploid and haploid cells. Like a sexual cycle, parasexuality gives the species the opportunity to recombine the genome and produce new genotypes in their offspring. Unlike a sexual cycle, the process lacks coordination and is exclusively mitotic.
purnima Sutradhar
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6 years ago
In Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production Chapter "BOMATO" Is Called The hybrid plant between Brinjal and Tomato.

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