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A telemetry system is?hhhgggfgrhdjdjdjdjebebebebebebebeheueuejejeuesjsjs

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Telemetry isthe automatic measurement and wireless transmission of data from remote sources.In general, telemetry works in the following way: Sensors at the source measure either electrical data (such asvoltageorcurrent) or physical data (such as temperature or pressure). These measurements are converted to specific electrical voltages. A multiplexer combines the voltages, along with timing data, into a single data stream for transmission to a remote receiver. Upon reception, the data stream is separated into its original components and the data is displayed and processed according to user specifications.

Wildlife radio telemetryhas become a valuable tool to track the movement andbehavior of animals. This technique uses the transmission ofradio signalsto locate a transmitter attached to the animal of interest. It is often used to obtain location data on the animal's preferredhabitat,home range, and to understandpopulation dynamics. The different types ofradio telemetrytechniques includevery high frequency(VHF) transmitters,global positioning system(GPS) tracking, andsatellite tracking.

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