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What is the best homemade manure for the plants? Can we grow carnivorous plants at home? How?

What is the best homemade manure for the plants? Can we grow carnivorous plants at home? How?

Grade:12th Pass

1 Answers

Mayajyothi C J
126 Points
4 years ago
If you mean the best manure as in the cheapest one, I would suggest a compost. That way we are getting rid of our kitchen wastes too. You make a small pit around the plant (don’t you dare hurt the roots) if it’s a big tree, or near it, if it is a small plant, and put your kitchen degradable wastes like vegetable peels, rotten vegetables etc. 
If you specify your plant I will suggest the best manure for it. Because the nutrient requirement for plants differs with species. 
  • Banana peel is the best manure for roses. (Secret of my mom’s roses)
  • The water left from washing rice is best for almost all plants(Mom give it only for her favourites)
Carnivorous plants can even be grown indoors.When people grow indoor plants they have to deal with little plant flies, this can be taken care of by insectivorous plants. No, they don’t get rid of mosquitoes. Sundews and Butterworts are such good indoor carnivorous plants. You can plant then near you garden too but they may finish the good pollinators too.
You can buy carnivorous plants from a plant nursery or even online(don’t ask me the website cause I’m only interested in flowering plants) Plant it in a pot. More details refer a plant nursury.
Hope it was helpful in someway. Please approve ^_^

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