The orthocentre of triangle formed by the lines 3x 2 +5y 2 +8xy-5x-7y+2=0 and x-y=0 is?

The orthocentre of triangle formed by the lines 3x2+5y2+8xy-5x-7y+2=0 and x-y=0 is?


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2 years ago
Dear student
As we seperate two lines from the given pair of straight lines we get one line which whose slope is -1 now see that we have another line whose slope is 1 means both lines are perpendicular to each other so orthocentre of the triangle will be at the intersection point of the two perpendicular lines
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11 months ago
Bsdk answer to bata
Khali explanation mat likh
Slope ki GAND mar ke chala gaya Answer to bataya hi nhi
Shivang Pathak
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11 months ago
Arre bhai😂
Mai bhi answer dhund ra tha 
E1 batch se hi hu
Number dena tera message karta hu

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