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Grade: 12th pass
is newton law valid in non inertial frame????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/
one year ago

Answers : (3)

Shivangi Khatter
askIITians Faculty
468 Points
							no this is the constraint of these laws
one year ago
23358 Points
In Newtonian physics, inertial frames are frames that are in uniform motion w.r.t a selected absolute frame of "fixed stars" (we're talking Newton here, so we can have absolute frames). Non inertial frames are frames with acceleration involved (like the rotating frame we have on earth).

In accelerating frames, Newton's first law can be seen as obviously invalid. An object at rest in an inertial frame can be seen to accelerate in a non-inertial frame, even though there's no force acting on them!

 To make the laws come out right, you have to add "pseudo-forces" to the system (which don't really exist), to account for the non-inertiality. One example of a pseudo-force is the Coriolis force on Earth, which accounts for the fact that we're on a spherical rotating frame of reference.

   - The 1st law does not hold in non-inertial frames
   - The 2nd law can be made to hold by adding "pseudo-forces" into the picture
   - The 3rd law does not apply to pseudo-forces
one year ago
Nitish Kumar
15 Points
No this is not valid in non inertial frame.
But we can apply Newton's laws of motion by applying an imaginary force ""Pseudo Force""
To apply Pseudo Force first find the direction of acceleration of the frame then fond the opposite direction to the accn and then add M×A to this direction where A is aam opposite to this direction
one year ago
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