how can i prepare this subject and give the formula

how can i prepare this subject and give the formula


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Aman Bansal
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12 years ago

Dear Vikas,

Initially students should simply concentrate on their basic NCERT syllabus. NCERT books are very good for basic concept building.They are also not very lengthy.So one can easily finish the entire 11th + 12thsyllabus in eight to nine months, if one is sincere.During this stage, while they are studing NCERT texts, students should practice MCQ problem solving from any popular private publication books e.g. Pradeep,Dinesh etc.For really speedy completion of syllabus according to this plan, personal home tuition may be taken in each subject.In this way, within the first eight-nine months of 11th class, the entire +2 syllabus will be completed at the basic level along with some good amount of problem solving practice for the students.I would also like to emphasise that students should also make it their habbit to keep revising what they have already studied at regular intervals(say,on weekly basis).

Many students take admission in big coachings in the beginning of the class 11th .Most such students never get selected in any IIT/PMT institution.Why?!.... Very simple!. In these coachings, in the name of advanced preparation, blind problem solving is promoted.There, basic concepts are not taught properly, and just formulae are discussed as part of theory teaching.Then right away, very tough questions are introduced to be solved.These questions generally pass over the head of most students.The teacher solves those questions in the class or sometimes students are given printed solutions of the assingments from their institute.Students try to learn those solutions without learning the art that "How to solve a new question by applying systemetic thiking to it with the help of basic concepts?"


Best Of luck

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