a) (1,1) b) (-1,-1) c)(-1,1) d)(1,-1)

a) (1,1)

b) (-1,-1)




4 Answers

Rishabh Raj
29 Points
11 years ago

Ur question isnt clear. Pls post it again.

Ashwin Muralidharan IIT Madras
290 Points
11 years ago

Hi Pooja,


Any line passing through the mid point of (2,0) and (0,2).....

The midpoint is (1,1).... For any line through this point (1,1) will have perpendiculars of equal length and in opposite sense. You can clearly visualise that by marking the three points on the X-Y plane.


So option (A).


Best Regards,

Ashwin (IIT Madras).

pooja sarkar
14 Points
11 years ago

thanks for the answer. it really  works.

thanks again

Menka Malguri
39 Points
11 years ago

your question is not clear,plz post it again.

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