what is the difference b/w permutation and combination

what is the difference b/w permutation and combination


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askIITians Faculty 1281 Points
7 years ago
Both are similar, the only difference lies in order of arrangement of articles.

For eg if fruit salad contains combination of apples, grapes and bananas then, we don't care what order the fruits are in, they could also be "bananas, grapes and apples" or "grapes, apples and bananas", its the same fruit salad.
"But if the combination to the safe is 472". Now wedocare about the order. "724" won't work, nor will "247". It has to be exactly4-7-2.
So, in Mathematics :

If the order doesn't matter, it is aCombination.
If the orderdoesmatter it is aPermutation
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7 years ago
permutation means arrangements of elements .combination means selection of elements this the main difference between permutation and combination

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