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Grade: 11
to find the range of 1/x-5 root over if we express 1/x-5 root over in terms of y then it comes out to be x=1+5y^2/y^2,then we get,y^2 does not equal to 0,hence y is not equal to 0.So shouldn’t the range be R-{0}??if no then why no?
2 years ago

Answers : (2)

Nicho priyatham
625 Points
NO the range is not R-{0}
it is (0,infinit)
observe the function clearly it is under root of 1/x-5 so u need to know that under root of any number is always POSITIVE  
so u  also need to remove  all negtive integers from R
 saying frankly wt method u have done is correct but u have done a gr8  mistake in the  process
my question nw here for u is whats that mistake u have done (hint :please think abt domain of x)
PLS APPROVE IF USEFULL and in case of any doubts ask in ans box
2 years ago
Bidisha Baruah
20 Points
so it is important to know the domain right??
2 years ago
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