The product of real roots of the equation lxl 6/5 -26lxl 3/5 -27=0

The product of real roots of the equation 

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Vikas TU
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6 years ago
lxl(3/5)^2 -26lxl3/5-27=0
let, |x|^(3/5) = t
the quadratic form will be:
t^2 – 26t + 27 = 0
it has two roots.
t = -1   and  t = 27
Now defne t
when x  > 0
t = x^3/5
when x
t = – x^3/5
put the value of t serial wise and solve and reject  for the two cases.
U will get two final satisfied roots,
Multiply them to get the product.

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