log 3/4 log 8 (x 2 +7) + log 1/4 (x 2 +7) -1 = -2 Solve for x.

log3/4log8(x2+7) + log1/4(x2+7)-1= -2
Solve for x.


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 69 Points
8 years ago
First reduce the eqn from double log to a single log eqn.
Follow the steps:
Remove the logbase3/4 using the exponential equivalent.
This would give an eqn of 2 terms equated to a number raised to the power.
Convert the 2 logs to the same base by base changing formula. The 2 log terms thence obtained would be in simple addition. Add them together to get a single log term equivalent to a number. Again use the exponential equivalent of the log eqn to get an algebraic eqn in terms of x2. This eqn will give the solution for x.

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